AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-02mark 1.0.0 releasev1.0.0Waldemar Brodkorb
2015-01-26merge upstream changesWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-01-26libc: sync_file_range missing commaBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2015-01-25add support for $ORIGINWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-01-24libc: ppc64 etc: Fix sync_file_rangeBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2015-01-23xtensa: ldso: drop unused address calculation from _dl_linux_resolveMax Filippov
2015-01-23xtensa: ldso: coalesce dl_mprotect address rangesMax Filippov
2015-01-23add argument check in mknodWang Yufen
2015-01-23add argument check in setenv()Xishi Qiu
2015-01-23nptl: compile pt-vfork in ARM-modeBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2015-01-22libc: Avoid redundant setting of ENOMEMBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2015-01-19libcrypt: return NULL on unsupported saltBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2015-01-13remove API dir. tests are disabled anyway.Waldemar Brodkorb
2015-01-09enable microblaze. at least toolchain creation is working without NPTLWaldemar Brodkorb
2015-01-07test: Adjust passed optionsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2015-01-04add -fPIC to some tests.Waldemar Brodkorb
2015-01-01maybe fix an "noreturn function does return" warningThorsten Glaser
2015-01-01shut up GCC, part 2Thorsten Glaser
2015-01-01fix cast warningThorsten Glaser
2015-01-01shut up GCCThorsten Glaser
2015-01-01I think this is what you meanThorsten Glaser
2015-01-01silence GCCThorsten Glaser
2015-01-01remove apparently unused code, this time for realThorsten Glaser
2015-01-01explicitly cast (even though this casting is not very nice)Thorsten Glaser
2015-01-01make __dl_start, whose address is taken, into a real object typeThorsten Glaser
2015-01-01remove unused Linux 2.0 compat code, otherwise c6x without NPTL is brokenWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-30be sure to use EXTRA_CFLAGS for tests, tooWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-30remove another two warnings.Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-30Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Brodkorb
2014-12-30reenable c6x for toolchain testing without NPTLWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28remove commentWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28reduce some unneeded warnings.Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28remove hidden warning option, not useful for others.Waldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28fix warning when doing make cleanWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28update INSTALLWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28revert getopt changes to testsWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28for mips64 with N32 ABI we need to use newfstatatWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28relocation fixesWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-28sparc64 support was removed recentlyWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-26don't optimize for special mips cpuWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-25merge upstream changesWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-25sync tcp header with glibcWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-15mkostemp: fix implementationAnthony G. Basile
2014-12-15test: Some more tests under conditionalsBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2014-12-15stdio: Fix printing 0.0Bernhard Reutner-Fischer
2014-12-12unistd: allow to turn off getopt_longBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2014-12-12test: disable ptytest unless HAS_PTYBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2014-12-12config: move STDIO_FUTEXES up a bitBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2014-12-10disable test for noMMUWaldemar Brodkorb
2014-12-10mkostemp: fix implementationAnthony G. Basile