BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrtld: Avoid crash on R_ARM_NONE relocationChristophe Lyon6 days
v1.0.30commit 7484224733...Waldemar Brodkorb4 months
v1.0.29commit 8fba8eb918...Waldemar Brodkorb5 months
v1.0.28commit 795d6102e9...Waldemar Brodkorb7 months
v1.0.27commit 4310e3cfaf...Waldemar Brodkorb9 months
v1.0.26commit ae3eeb273f...Waldemar Brodkorb13 months
v1.0.25commit 8b3d820870...Waldemar Brodkorb14 months
v1.0.24commit 559ac142e4...Waldemar Brodkorb16 months
v1.0.23commit a3d19f43e0...Waldemar Brodkorb16 months
v1.0.22commit 3b09bf921e...Waldemar Brodkorb18 months
v1.0.21commit 6cfe578d49...Waldemar Brodkorb20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysrtld: Avoid crash on R_ARM_NONE relocationHEADmasterChristophe Lyon
6 daysFix shm_open posix compliance error codeChristophe Lyon
6 daysmbtowc: Fix non compliant behavior for end of stringChristophe Lyon
6 daysisnan: Add isnan weak alias to __isnanChristophe Lyon
6 daysFix htab_delete loop counterChristophe Lyon
6 daysnptl threads: Fix bug in using a weak variable.Christophe Lyon
6 daysnptl: Replace sbrk with mmapChristophe Lyon
6 daysnptl: Clear TLS area for static binaries.Christophe Lyon
6 daysnptl: Use vfork on MMU-less for system()Christophe Lyon
6 daysnptl: Add pthread_mutex_getprioceiling and pthread_mutex_setprioceiling supportChristophe Lyon