path: root/libcrypt/des.c
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2005-08-11fix some sign warnings pointed out by gcc-4Mike Frysinger
2002-08-07Cleanup crypt and remove the crypt_r stuff, since SuSv3Eric Andersen
(IEEE Std 1003.1-2001) states that crypt need not be reentrant. -Erik
2002-06-13Begin efforts at reentrance by seperating out the stuff that isn'tEric Andersen
reentrant and labeling it, and making everything else const. -Erik
2002-05-24Fix libcrypt, thanks to Vadim Berkgaut <>Eric Andersen
2002-04-25Rework libcrypt based on the openbsd crypt implementation so that it passes theEric Andersen
DES validation suite. setkey_r, encrypt_r, and __des_crypt_r are not really reentrant now, and that should be fixed (or we should drop crypt_r and friends which are not supported by SuSv3). -Erik
2002-02-26Adjust function naming and make sure everything is properlyEric Andersen
static to avoid symbol leakage. -Erik
2001-12-19Update my email address. I am no longer andersen@lineo.comEric Andersen
2001-06-29Fix a missing include in des.c and add configurability of loop unrollingManuel Novoa III
to md5.c. Note: by default it is smallest/slowest.
2001-06-28I missed an item when reentrantifying des.c, reuse a smallerEric Andersen
field for md5.c -Erik
2001-06-28Replace the crypt implementation with one based on crypt(3) from minix,Eric Andersen
fixing a licensing problem with the previous version. Manuel did the initial port, and I fixed it up to be reentrant. I hope I didn't break anything... -Erik
2001-04-19Add in a libcrypt implementation. About 8k.Eric Andersen