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2006-08-23fix from psm: add UCLIBC_ prefix to HAS_SHADOW optionMike Frysinger
2006-01-19Remove HAVE_ELFPeter S. Mazinger
2005-10-28HAVE_SHARED depends on \!ARCH_HAS_NO_LDSO, remove BUILD_UCLIBC_LDSO and repla...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-08-18install the manpages that are in the docs subdirMike Frysinger
2005-08-18moved/updated to docs/man/Mike Frysinger
2005-08-15Patch from Faidon Liambotis to update the debian stuffEric Andersen
2005-02-12no more cvsMike Frysinger
2004-12-22Patch from Peter S. Mazinger:Eric Andersen
2004-12-22Patch from Peter S. Mazinger:Eric Andersen
2004-08-21Kill off all support for 'gcc -pg' / 'gprof' style profiling. There is both aEric Andersen
2004-07-15update packaging a bitEric Andersen
2004-04-30Minor .deb updatesEric Andersen
2004-01-22Some minor debian junk I had sitting in my treeEric Andersen
2004-01-04Bump .deb versionEric Andersen
2004-01-02Peter S. Mazinger writes:Eric Andersen
2004-01-02Minor update of the debian packaging stuffEric Andersen
2003-12-30Rework malloc. The new default implementation is based on dlmalloc from DougEric Andersen
2003-12-22That was awfully stupid.Eric Andersen
2003-12-22Use 'sed -i -e' rather than 'sed -ie' since we don't wantEric Andersen
2003-12-22Update the config used when building a .debEric Andersen
2003-11-13Update the debian packaging for use in a standalone uClibcEric Andersen
2003-11-08hide the wrapper in with the debian stuffEric Andersen
2003-03-03Update versionEric Andersen
2003-03-03Fix location of cvsEric Andersen
2003-02-12Update CVS to Debian 0.9.18-1 packageDavid Schleef
2002-08-09update to last Debian upload. Dumbass Debian maintainer forgets to checkDavid Schleef
2002-08-09fix mksnapshot and update documentation.David Schleef
2002-04-20Make sure that CROSS="" for native building.David Schleef
2002-04-19uploading new snapshotDavid Schleef
2002-04-19updated kernel source package to 2.4.18David Schleef
2002-04-19updated to 0.9.11David Schleef
2002-04-13use for configurationDavid Schleef
2002-04-13use ds account on cvs.uclibc.orgDavid Schleef
2002-04-07New Debian snapshot. The release has for mips fubared.David Schleef
2002-04-06Account for new upstream version. Fix shlibs, because they wereDavid Schleef
2002-03-03Check in new debian snapshotDavid Schleef
2002-02-22Build fix for armDavid Schleef
2002-02-22Special rules for mipsel. Force some variables in Config, inDavid Schleef
2002-02-15Try adding mipsel to the architecturesDavid Schleef
2002-02-11Fix typoDavid Schleef
2002-02-11mksnapshot: updated version and filenames. changedDavid Schleef
2002-02-11Update versionDavid Schleef
2001-12-19Update my email address. I am no longer andersen@lineo.comEric Andersen
2001-11-26Fix: libuclibc-dev should depend on libuclibc0. Elaborated descriptions.David Schleef
2001-11-19Notes on Build-DependsDavid Schleef
2001-11-19Fix build-depends to use kernel-headers-2.4. Should satisfy moreDavid Schleef
2001-11-18Debian uploadDavid Schleef
2001-11-18Updated notesDavid Schleef
2001-11-12Change the output filename to correspond to the package version.David Schleef
2001-11-10Limited Debian architectures to the ones we can actually build.David Schleef