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2004-11-11misc touchupsMike Frysinger
2003-11-08Update docs in preparation for releaseEric Andersen
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Change a than to then
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2002-04-20Moved old README to INSTALL, and wrote a new README that is much moreDavid Schleef
like an introduction to the project.
2002-01-09Recommend making symlinks, not copying the config file.Eric Andersen
2001-11-21Adjust naming for __FORCE_GLIBC__ to __FORCE_GLIBC and addEric Andersen
support for __FORCE_NOGLIBC per Brian Stafford <>
2001-08-10Update the build system, yet again. I hope this is the last time...Eric Andersen
Here is the basic theory of operation: SHARED_LIB_LOADER_PATH/ <The location where the shared lib loader will be installed and where the compiler will cause apps to look for it.> DEVEL_PREFIX/ bin/ <contains gcc, ld, etc for setting PATH=$DEVEL_PREFIX/bin:$PATH> lib/ <contains all runtime and static libs> include/ <Where all the header files go> SYSTEM_DEVEL_PREFIX/ usr/bin/ <contains arch-uclibc-gcc, arch-uclibc-ld, etc that might be installed by a .deb or .rpm into /usr/bin, but can happily live under DEVEL_PREFIX> PREFIX This is prepended during 'make install's allowing you to shift things to be installed under some alternate location (such as when building a .deb) -Erik
2001-07-25Fix small typo vodz reported.Manuel Novoa III
2001-07-17Fix typo.David Schleef
2001-07-12This commit merges David Schleef's updates to the build system, which aEric Andersen
few tiny fixups here and there from me. Seems to work just fine and will hopefully be a bit better behaved. -Erik
2001-06-11Fix bug in ldso/util/Makefile introduced when Erik added the readelf app.Manuel Novoa III
It didn't show up if a previous install was done. This would have been fixed two days ago if the initial bug report had been anything close to lucid. :-( Also changed ldconfig back to staticly linked and update the README file.
2001-05-31Removed INSTALL_DIR and replaced it with DEVEL_PREFIX, ROOT_DIR, andManuel Novoa III
TARGET_PREFIX to allow more flexibility. Also modified the gcc wrapper to do the right thing if -Wl,--dynamic-linker,xxx is passed on the command line. The gcc wrapper will also check the env variable UCLIBC_GCC_LDOPT for a dynamic linker option at runtime (although command line arg overrides the env variable).
2001-05-29Give Erik's build-with-uClibc method.Manuel Novoa III
2001-05-28Add a _really_ basic README outlining building/using uClibc.Manuel Novoa III