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2005-11-03Sync headers w/ glibcPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03sync with glibc to fix building xorg-serverMike Frysinger
2005-11-03Sync with glibcPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Sync headers w/ glibcPeter S. Mazinger
2005-10-27Moved guard_setup to dl-osinfo.h (used commonly by ldso and libc). Renamed to...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-10-26merge updates from glibcMike Frysinger
2005-10-25Correcrt posix_fadvise* to allow compilingPeter S. Mazinger
2005-10-25uncomment posix_fadvise prototype since we implement it nowMike Frysinger
2005-10-20Change in_addr_t inet_aton to int, glibc has it as int and uClibc uses it in ...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-10-12Remove /dev/erandom support, as [h]lfs does not use it in this form.Peter S. Mazinger
2005-10-11Change __OPTIMIZE__ > 0 to defined(__OPTIMIZE__) as in glibc-2.3.5.Peter S. Mazinger
2005-10-04Do not stub out functions for mmu-less systems. Hide allEric Andersen
2005-09-27Should correct ppc compilation failure reported by Glauber de Oliveira Costa....Peter S. Mazinger
2005-09-23New ssp code using syscalls where possible.Peter S. Mazinger
2005-09-21add attribute_relro, should be unconditional, if gcc/ld supports itPeter S. Mazinger
2005-09-21sync copyright with glibcMike Frysinger
2005-09-21add some more defines from binutils since our readelf uses itMike Frysinger
2005-09-21also symlink thread_db.h instead of duplicating it, fix the clean target, and...Mike Frysinger
2005-09-21disable obstack_printf in header, not supportedPeter S. Mazinger
2005-09-21'pthread.h' is not the only file that needs to be symlinked. When NPTL gets m..."Steven J. Hill"
2005-09-21merge some misc stuff from glibcMike Frysinger
2005-09-21move misc internal definitions to a sep file to minimize differences with fea...Mike Frysinger
2005-09-21dont duplicate pthread.h in include and libpthread subdirs, so symlink itMike Frysinger
2005-09-20Fix bug 370.Joakim Tjernlund
2005-09-08grab some updates from glibcMike Frysinger
2005-08-30add M_PERTURB define from glibc and Frank Mehnert writes: the following patch...Mike Frysinger
2005-08-25add a note explaining the weird h_errno definitionMike Frysinger
2005-08-18Hmm, things broke with vapiers update. LetsJoakim Tjernlund
2005-08-18import updates from glibcMike Frysinger
2005-08-15We do not supply a BSD style getloadavg() functionEric Andersen
2005-08-10In Bug 364 by hassold:Mike Frysinger
2005-08-09date: 2005/08/07 07:53:58; author: drepper; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1Mike Frysinger
2005-07-30sjhill appears confused. vapier's earlier commit of string.h was broken.Manuel Novoa III
2005-07-30The newly added __glibc_strerror_r function is probably fine, but the"Steven J. Hill"
2005-07-28Fix string.h. Change our _susv3_strerror_r to __xpg_strerror_r for glibcManuel Novoa III
2005-07-02sync with glibcMike Frysinger
2005-07-02sync with glibc versionsMike Frysinger
2005-07-02use C style commentsMike Frysinger
2005-07-02sync with glibcMike Frysinger
2005-06-16Jim Ramsay writes:Eric Andersen
2005-05-20Finish up reverting NPTLEric Andersen
2005-05-14In order to accomodate usage of either pthreads implementation, we now"Steven J. Hill"
2005-05-12Added new 'bits/atomic.h' for most of the architectures and the top-level 'in..."Steven J. Hill"
2005-05-10SHMLBA is now defined by arch dependent bits/shm.h file so removeJoakim Tjernlund
2005-05-02Replace IXDR_GET_LONG/IXDR_PUT_LONG so that they build with newer gcc. Note ...Manuel Novoa III
2005-04-28Added support for clock_getres() and clock_settime() in addition toPeter Kjellerstedt
2005-04-16import more updates from glibcMike Frysinger
2005-04-15import fixes/updates from glibc-2.3Mike Frysinger
2005-04-06remove pthread_atfork() prototype since SuSv3 doesnt *require* it and glibc-2...Mike Frysinger
2005-03-31Add some more SH relocation types.Paul Mundt