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2005-01-12Update docs for releaseEric Andersen
2004-01-04Update for releaseEric Andersen
2004-01-03Update for releaseEric Andersen
2003-12-16Update for release (no really this time ;-)Eric Andersen
2003-12-08Prepare for uClibc 0.9.24 releaseEric Andersen
2003-11-13Prepare for releaseEric Andersen
2003-11-08Update docs in preparation for releaseEric Andersen
2003-09-09minor spelling fixesEric Andersen
2003-09-09update changelogEric Andersen
2003-07-01oops. This is 0.9.20, not .30Eric Andersen
2003-06-30Update for releaseEric Andersen
2003-03-03Updates for releaseEric Andersen
2003-02-12Update changelogEric Andersen
2003-01-25Update the changelog for releaseEric Andersen
2002-11-09Final update for 0.9.16Eric Andersen
2002-08-27Update changelog for releaseEric Andersen
2002-08-12Update to version 0.9.14Eric Andersen
2002-08-09Update Changelog for releaseEric Andersen
2002-06-20Last Changelog updateEric Andersen
2002-06-20Some release notesEric Andersen
2002-04-10A last minute additionEric Andersen
2002-04-10Update ChangelogEric Andersen
2002-03-21AlphabetizeEric Andersen
2002-03-21Update Changelog in preparation for a release.Eric Andersen
2002-02-04Update changelogEric Andersen
2002-01-29Minor touchupsEric Andersen
2002-01-29Create a changelog vs the 0.9.8 release so people can trackEric Andersen