AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-11-03Disable DOMULTI for these, because gcc-4.0.2 can't cope with themPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Sync headers w/ glibcPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03sync with glibc to fix building xorg-serverMike Frysinger
2005-11-03Last bits for IMA, now everything can be built w/ DOMULTI=y on gcc-3.4.4 with...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Correct _getdents[64] and __syscall_ipcPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Sync with glibcPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03wait4 is pid_t, not intPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Sync headers w/ glibcPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Enable IMAPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Enable IMAPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Correct IMAPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Enable IMAPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Enable IMAPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-03Enable IMA on libc/string/genericPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Enable IMA on i386Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Don't need this debug check anymore.Joakim Tjernlund
2005-11-02Allow partly IMA compile of this directoryPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02psm missed a spot :)Joakim Tjernlund
2005-11-02Mark _exit as noreturn, include/unistd.h does this alreadyPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02add dummy loop to kill gcc warning, probably _exit should get attribute_noreturnPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Undo 12115, it fails on building libc/sysdeps/linux/commonPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Added cris on request to new build structure. It has to provide crt1.S instea...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Cleaner i386/syscalls.h patch to handle macro redefines proposed by jockePeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Remove __set_errno proposed by jockePeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Clean up DOMULTI for libm and add more files blocked earlier by syscall probl...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Enable IMA compiling now that syscalls workPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Move __SSP__ check to headerPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02Allow sources using syscalls to be IMA compiled on x86Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02include Rules.mak after noconfig_targets, else it does not pull in .configPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02ldso powerpc changes ported to i386Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-02set default STRIP_FLAGS and change how we detect silent modeMike Frysinger
2005-11-02move more rules out of the if HAVE_DOT_CONFIG statement which dont belongMike Frysinger
2005-11-02update DOPIC option to properly describe what it doesMike Frysinger
2005-11-02tweak rules so we dont have to copy the .c files to get 64bit versionsMike Frysinger
2005-11-01Create the lib*_pic.a links only if DOPIC is enabledPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Only because of multi sources I had to touch up these and add code duplicationPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Split up the .o and .os rules, so all the sources are created if DOPIC is dis...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Add check, so we are sure that the file is correctly built, if the system is ...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Add back -L..lib to libdl linker, now that we do not hardcode path to libs in...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Correct gcc-4.1 ssp buildPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Update sparc to new buildsPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Update sh to new buildsPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Update alpha to new buildsPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01ASFLAGS does not need to include CFLAGS as well, compile.S does it alreadyPeter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Remove last unused references to libc-a-pic-, we use only the lists in libc-a...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Add another Makefile example that will be copied over the root Makefile, adap...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01Do not add PICFLAG to generic CFLAGS, this is done based on suffix to .os/.oS...Peter S. Mazinger
2005-11-01change .os back to .oS per psmMike Frysinger
2005-10-31merge headers/clean changes from the config ifMike Frysinger
2005-10-31produce a .os instead of .oSMike Frysinger